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Founded in 1953 under the name Twin Equipment and Supply Ltd, the company manufactured van bodies at the time. Then in 1969, UAP inc. bought the business and in 1977 modified its mandate by getting into the market of selling, installing and repairing truck equipment. Three years later, in 1980, the company was acquired by a group of employees and thus was born Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltée as it is known today.

Twin began its first major expansion by increasing its product offering, and moving into a new facility of 19600sf in Ville d’Anjou (68200sf of land) and by successively opening three new branches, one in Ottawa in 1981 which was later resold to some employees in 1986, one in Québec City in 1988 which was also resold to some employees in 1997 and another one in Anjou in 1988, specialized in transport refrigeration, which later closed its doors in 1995. In ten years, the company had multiplied its sales volume by fifteen and built itself a reputation as a key player in the fields of snow removal, towing & recovery, as well as transportation truck equipment.

The company was sold again in December of 2001 to a family group. Twin then began its second major expansion. During the period of December 2001 to December 2005, the new owners invested more than two million dollars in building renovation and new construction, in acquiring new equipment and increasing inventory. Some 8000sf of additional office space and shop was built and three outside yards totaling 29500sf added via leasing contracts.

Many new distribution deals were completed for new product lines (trailers, aerial lifts, cranes, service bodies, …) and the sub-dealership and service network increased over forty locations to better cover the territory. During this short period of time, sales increased by more than ninety percent and staff by more than sixty percent to reach over fifty employees.

Certified in 2005 by Transport Canada, Twin holds its national safety mark certification, NSM. This certificate, now mandatory in Canada, sees that all companies involved in the installation and up fitting of equipment on transport vehicles meet the new security standards set forth by the Canadian Bureau of Vehicles (CMVSS). Make sure that the companies you are dealing with have their NSM certification. In 2006, Twin also acquired its Canadian Welding Bureau certification (CWB).

In 2009, Twin was opened by Ford Canada as a Pool Account, this allowing Twin to keep in stock some Ford trucks on which its equipment must be installed. This brings to Twin a number of benefits, such as: quick access to specific specs trucks, radditional rebate to end users, priviledge relationships with Ford dealers, etc...

in 2010, Twin, by way of one of its associated companies, acquired a 60,000cf piece of land next to its current location, this allowing Twin to secure any growth need that might arise in the futur withour having to move from its current location.

In 2010, Twin becomes the first North-American outfitter to be approved my Mercedez for the installation of aerial devices on their Sprinter trucks.

During the same year, the ownership purchases back two of its shareholders and the Group begans a new expansion program that will lead them, in March 2012, to the purchase of Michel Gohier Ltd (MG), a well known dump body builder in Laval, and shortly after in July, to the acquisition of Distribution Raynald Bertrand inc., a Quebec City outfitter, now called Les Équipements Twin (Québec) Inc. In September of 2013, it also completed the acquisition of Fourgons PME Ltée. (MG holds its ISO 9001-2008 certification.)

Today the new Twin Group remains a leader in Québec for the sales, distribution, installation and servicing of truck equipment, as well as the fabrication of 4-seasons, asphalt and conventional dump bodies. The company now offers eight families of equipment : snow, towing & recovery, trailers, lifting systems (hydraulic tailgates, aerial lifts, ‘hooklifts’, articulated and hydraulic cranes), platform and bodies (dumpers, asphalt, conventionals, service bodies, regular bodies, fixed deck and pick up inserts), winches, Rhino Linings, as well as a complete line of accessories (air compressors, emergency and working lights, chains and hooks, suspension, racks, storage compartment, etc…).

With locations now in Montreal, Laval and Quebec city, as well as with a 40 plus sub-dealers network, The Twin Group employes more than 100 people in its four buildings and is now able to offer a full servicing accross the Province, while also selling its dump bodies elsewhere in Canada and in Northern United States.

ASSOCIATIONS : Les Équipements Twin (1980) Ltée are members of the following trade associations:

APOM            (Association des Professionnels à l’Outillage Municipal)
APDQ            (Association des Professionnels du Dépannage du Québec)
CPTQ             (Club des Professionnels du Transport du Québec)
CTEA             (Canadian Transport Equipment Association)
NTEA             (National Truck Equipment Association)
CUFC             (Canadian Utility Fleet Council)
STIQ               (Québec Industrial Subcontracting)






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